Collaboration. Roles. Responsibilities.

A preparatory session for NGOs: on collaboration, roles and responsibilities took place today, 8 February 2018, within the framework of the Regional project ‘Fast-track TB/HIV responses for key populations in EECA cities’ to support city responses to HIV and TB in key populations in the cities of EECA.

Thus the participants, representatives from communities affected by HIV/TB and the NGOs providing services in the domain of HIV prevention and fighting tuberculosis, had the opportunity to know the experience of Bern, mainly about the drug crisis, drug policy and the Swiss service landscape, presented by Julia Joos, licit (Switzerland). Together with the international consultant the participants practiced an advocacy instrument ”The elevator pitch” which helped to get to the final result – formulation of the conclusions and key messages for Balti authorities regarding HIV/AIDS and TB situation.

The main goal of the activity is to establish effective partnerships between municipalities and NGOs/CSOs in Balti, thus to reduce AIDS and TB mortalities and increase the allocation of city funding to HIV/TB interventions for key populations.

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