The model of low threshold access to HIV testing and treatment for PWID and their partners is planned to start in Balti.

The intervention aims to optimize case finding (OSF) and make an efficient linkage to care through community initiated treatment intervention (CITI). The training was carried out by the Ukrainian consultant Olga Denisiuk, which coordinated the learning process during 2 days, 18-19th of September.

The organization identified a great team that will implement the model.The team includes outreach workers that have a great linkage with the communities and also with the medical services in HIV/TB field. Thereby the first discussed questions were about „Who is our client?”, “Which are the criteria for inclusion in the project?” and ‘How and where we can find our first customers”?

As the model implies working with the representatives of the communities, but also their partners, the trainer has provided more space to develop skills for motivational counseling and signing of agreement on recruiting partners. Explanations were done on the methods used to attract the partners for screening and HIV/TB testing. Also here was presented the roll of case management in the successful cascade of services, for people leaving with HIV and the principles to built-in an efficient work with each client.

Due to the OSF-CITI model it is planned to increase the level of access to HIV treatment and care programs for vulnerable populations. So Balti aligns and plans to reach the 90-90-90 goal of the United Nations program on HIV / AIDS.

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